Isheeta & Vineet-5

Moved with Ranbir & Arya from Bangalore to Toronto

We were planning to move from Bangalore to Toronto with my two rescues, an Indie and a pug .We tried multiple vendors but hit a road block with the pug as many vendors and airlines simply refused to relocate brachycephalic breeds cause of the risks involved. We were heart broken to think we would have to leave the pug behind. It was then we approached the team at Anvis and they were God sent angels for our family. Relocating brachycephalic breeds is a very challenging move but Sundar and Ramya helped us from the word go. What I loved about the team was that at one point they openly asked me to postpone my travel keeping the safety of my pug in mind. Very few businesses would have prioritized the dog over fees and profits but Anvis did that and that was when we knew that if someone could help us it was certainly Anvis. I made the journey with both my dogs together on the same flight and it wouldn’t have been possible