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  • Please familiarise yourself with the process of moving your pet with information available on Pet Relocation Resources.
  • Kindly fill in ALL the details requested to enable us to process the estimate faster and give you a much closer estimate to the actuals. If for some reason, there is some information you don't have complete clarity on, For example: Micro-chip details etc, mention this in the same box. We will relook at it at a later point.
  • We will email you the estimate within 2 working days.
  • You can clarify any doubts on the estimate with the Pet Relocation Specialist who has worked on your estimate.
  • After clarifications and once you have firmed up your decision, you will need to confirm the assignment with a 50% advance & signing of Customer Agreement. We can officially start work on the assignment only on completion of this.
  • Note - For Corporate Moves, we will work directly with your organization for the payments. You just need to sign the Customer Agreement & we will start work.
  • The Pet Relocation Specialist who has been assigned will contact you and fix an appointment to meet both you and your Pet.
  • She/He will ensure all the requested services are met and will be your point of contact till your Pet reaches the destination safely


Note: We understand Pet Relocation is a stressful experience for both Pets and their Parents. Being Pet Parents ourselves,we are able to relate to the anxiety and the unease that you go through before and during the move.

Every Pet Move is unique (like every pet!) and strongly influenced by multiple variable factors. What works for one family on one move may not work for another move even if many things are similar. There are multiple challenges that can and will crop up due to the ever changing scenarios.

Our aim as a Pet Relocation partner is to make sure we absolve both you and your Pet of this anxiety as much as possible such that you can focus on the other critical aspects of your relocation.

We want you to know you can bank on our experience of many years to liberate you of these unforeseen challenges as much as possible We are always prepared with a Plan A, B, C and even D, having learnt from our many years of transporting pets. We will do whatever it takes to make sure your family stays safe and united. That's our commitment to you!

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