Isheeta & Vineet-7
Tanmay Dhingra

Moved with Hulk from Mumbai to Calgary

I moved to Canada in July 2023. The biggest thing for me post my move and settling down here was to bring my 7 year old boy – Hulk over. Before I left, I had already reached out to Mina from Anvi’s Pet Relocation services (I had googled them) and one more very prominent pet relocation service provider. The thing that immediately caught my attention was the responsiveness and high level of empathy that Mina showed towards my case! One message to her and I ALWAYS got a response almost immediately. The other pet services provider is a very famous one operating out of Mumbai and I was so tensed talking to them and their responses were horrible! 0 (zero) empathy! I was very worried about sending my boy through them. My wife was to travel with my boy (Hulk would be in Cargo since he’s a big guy). Anyway, we made the obvious decision of going ahead with Anvi (all because of Mina). What a life changing decision that was! I was always more than assured that my boy will be with me and will get here safe and sound. All through the process Mina was there holding our hands and guiding us. She even went off way to help me with some contacts in Canada to board my boy overnight since my wife arrived in Montreal and was to fly in next day to Calgary. She took time to explain everything numerous times, answering the million questions we had very patiently. Mina and Subhojit were our primary points of contact and they were always there! I cannot emphasize how important this was for me – coordinating from here and my brother who was doing all that was required from India. They both (Mina and Subhojit) did everything they could and way beyond to help with the paper work (they did everything there), getting the crate, how to install the crate etc., helped me with the booking the tickets (which flight, what to lookout for etc.), the entire process etc. etc. etc. It just never stopped. We talked everyday multiple times and even though our questions were repetitive in nature, they never got frustrated and were polite, affectionate and understanding in the same way that they were when I had first called them. My boy arrived safe, happy and healthy in Canada on October 3rd and was through customs in less than 30 mins. He stayed over in Montreal (Manoir Kensha) and was very well looked after (pampered) here by them! They picked Hulk at the airport and dropped him back at Cargo early next morning (my wife didn’t have to do a thing). I finally got to meet my boy here in Calgary, Canada on October 4, 2023!! We all had tears in our eyes! It was a reunion that was much awaited!! This was only made possible so seamlessly thanks to Mina and Subhojit! If you want to relocate your pet (child) from anywhere to anywhere – please close your eyes and put your faith in Anvi’s Pet Relocation services! I can vouch for Mina and Subhojit, but I am sure they create magic with everyone who works there! Here are some pics of my big boy – Hulk, enjoying life in Calgary with family!