" Hi my name is Shaji John I used Anvis services for bringing my Pet German Shepherd from Bangalore to America (Phoenix ).I was very impressed by their service from beginning till the time we reached USA .I really want to congratulate Ramya for her initial advices and Shobit for giving max crate training in limited time,Sundar for all his support in documents clearance and arranging everything in airport.And Anand for all his professional advice .This been a great team and I really congratulate

- Max : Bengaluru – USA

" Anvis was really professional, reassuring and caring of our dog . But when it comes to taking care of documents, caring for your pet, I think they are the best. When we faced the issue of the crate size, they did try their level best to tackle the issue and was very proactive in providing all the options. Overall very smooth and comfortable experience for our dog ".

- Joey : Bengaluru – Canada