” This post is to say that the fur-girls are now safely in Bangalore, thanks to Anvis Pet Relocation and Anand’s awesome team, especially Sundar!

Even after landing here, we’ve relied on Anvis Inc. ‘s Pet Buddy pet sitters to watch our girls while we go about getting settled and handling paperwork.

As for the girls, they are currently fascinated with crows, bats, and the varieties of smells they get to sniff on their (quarantine) limited walks within the housing complex. Not to mention they enjoy the attention from neighbourhood kids and adults alike, as well as (surprisingly) the taste of veggies in Bangalore! Guess they are local hudigis like their mom, after all!

Thanks to everyone for getting our children here safely. I broke into tears when the first flight took off, but now that we are here, it is the best decision we made.

TLDR: Zana and Maya just louuuuveee Bangalore!!! Thank you, Anvis Inc.

- Zana & Maya : Singapore – Bengaluru