After moving to Australia in 2015, I had been in constant hunt for the best pet relocation company for my Furry babies.
Every other day i was conversing with different global pet relocation companies, yet i was unable to find the one with the needful Experience & Trust.
Nothing was getting finalized for the next 6-10 months and i was hearing all creepy tales about pets dying in travel or being euthanized on failing to abide by the very strict quarantine policy in Australia.
In 2016 i came across a blog in FB “Because loyalty is a two-way street” and through the writer i got connected to Mr. Anand from Anvis.
After repeated internet calls, chats with all my doubt clearing questionnaires i found Anand to be not only very knowledgeable but some one who follows his heart at work. The perfect blend of both heart and mind.
We started the process of relocating Techie which turned out to be as smooth as a breeze.
Techie started her journey in September 2017 with Anand from Pune for Singapore. Anand kept sending me picture and videos of Techie from the airport pre and post boarding which was a compelete peace of mind.
I knew Techie is in safe hands and all my fears, doubts breezed off as they reached Singapore.
In Singapore Techie found super awesome Thierry and Joanna Lim from the Ricted Kennels. They were not only caring but also extremely responsible consultants. They sent me pictures and videos of Techie every now and then and the 50 days just passed like one small week.
Finally Techie reached Australia and was given entry permit in 2 days without any hassle due to the paper work done to perfection.
Now we are all home together after 2 years, while i thank Anand and team with this review, Techie is touching the screen to give a Hi-5 to Anand Joanna and Thierry.
Thanks Anvis for this divine job of making souls meet.

- Techie : Pune – Singapore – Melbourne – Sydney