We’re so glad that we got in touch with Anvis Pet Relocation during early stages of our planning (3 months before the move). Highly recommend their services to anyone who’s thinking of relocating with their pet(s). Here’s why:
1. Knowledgeable: Relocating with your furry companion can seem daunting, to say the least. There’s paperwork, pet licenses, vaccinations, tests, your pet’s safety, airline regulations, quarantine and a bucket full of anxiety to deal with. Anand is extremely knowledgeable and helped us understand the entire process from the get go. From the first interaction itself, it was clear that Anand knows what he’s doing and would be able to guide us through the process.
2. Prompt and pro-active: Extremely responsive and always available – while planning, during departure and even during the 30 day quarantine period after arrival in Singapore.
3. Extremely Professional – Can not emphasize this enough! At one point, about 14 days before departure, our airline decided to say they can’t take pets, randomly and for no good reason. Anand jumped into the matter and resolved it quickly without anyone having to escalate. At the same time, while he was dealing with the airline, he was briefing us on possible plan Bs if the need arises.
4. Resourceful and well networked – Connected us to relocation consultants that Anvis works with here in Singapore for everything related to quarantine, well in advance while we were still in Bangalore. They helped us with the quarantine paperwork, airport transfers and post quarantine home drop for Snoop, pet license etc. We even ended up using pet walker services through them during the 30 day quarantine period. Anvis also helped source the FAA certified crates etc. for the move.
5. Transparent – Be it costs or risks involved. Upfront and completely transparent.
6. On the ground experience – Anand gave us a heads up on what will be the process at the airport in Bangalore during check in and departure. At what stage during the check-in process we might feel rushed and how it’s okay to take your time till we feel everything is in order. These are the kind of things we wouldn’t have even thought of otherwise.
7. Empathetic: Being a pet lover, Anand knows that it’s natural to be nervous or anxious during the process. Especially, as one gets closer to the time of the actual move. He’s someone we could truly depend on and reach out to with all the questions.
Anand and Team Anvis, thank you for doing what you’re doing! 🙂

- Snoop : Bengaluru to Singapore