Exporting from India

Where does your Pet Have to Travel?

Attention: This information is to be used as general guidelines and may not be updated to meet the current requirements. Before you travel, be sure to contact the appropriate authorities for your Origin and Destination country.


Start the process at least 4 months before the pet movement date.
Measure your pet and procure an IATA approved flying/transport crate. Certain brands are more preferred over others due to the quality and international recognition and popularity.

Tip – Our Recommended brand of crates are Petmate/Varipet/SkyKennel for the sturdiness and safety compared to other manufacturers.

Get your pet acclimatised to the crate from our experiences listed in our Crate training information page

Tip – This is even more critical for pets that are used to sleeping on beds, sofas and generally in open spaces. The earlier you start, it will be that much lesser of a stress for them during the journey.

Get a microchip inserted. This can be done at your local vet hospital. However pls note that the microchip should be a ISO 11784/785 microchip (15 digits) and has to be inserted before Rabies vaccination.
Spay/Neuter your pet if not done already.

Note – Sterilization of pets is highly recommended by most countries. Sterilized pets are often favoured over unsterilized ones in most Dog Parks, Pet Boarding places, Day Care Centres and with Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers/Pet Caretakers.Restaurants, Malls, Public transportation and even Pet friendly Hotels are a lot more tolerant towards sterilized pets. For the benefit of your Pet and to ensure she/he has access to more facilities, pls do Spay or Neuter !

Vaccinations to be complete and upto date :

  • Rabies, DHLPPi (for Dogs) and FRCP (for cats).
  • Deworming and Anti-Tick/flea treatment
  • Recommended to have the Corona and Bordetella vaccinations for the protection of the Pet during travel.

If your destination country requires Antibody Titration tests to be conducted, its recommended to draw a blood sample after at least 30 days and before the expiry of the Anti Rabies vaccination to test for Antibody Titration ( Rabies Titer Test)

Note – Some countries also require pets to be tested for other diseases before they can seek entry. Please check with
the appropriate authorities or your Pet Relocator.

Depending on the specific regulations of the destination country, the sample must either be sent to an EU (European Union) approved Laboratory or an OIE approved laboratory in India.

Note – If sending the blood sample outside India, most logistics companies will not accept blood samples from individuals. It has to be sent by authorised companies like relocation agencies only.

The acceptable result to seek enter into most countries’ is >=0.5 IU/ml.

Note – Please check with the updated regulations of your destination country

On receipt of a successful Titer result, apply for Import Permit and/or block Quarantine space with the Animal Quarantine station of the destination country as applicable.

Note – Some countries have a mandatory quarantine period for pets arriving from India. Please check with the appropriate authorities or your Pet Relocator.
Note – There is also a mandatory ‘waiting/ cooling’ period in the origin country before the pet can enter into the destination country. Please check with the appropriate authorities or your Pet Relocator

Finalise on the type of Relocation

  • Accompanied Baggage
  • Manifest Cargo
  • Premium Option
Tip – Accompanied Baggage is the least stressful of the options for your pet.

Talk to the Airlines/Pet Relocator and book space for the pet according to the type of Relocation.

Tip – Choosing the right airlines based on their expertise of handling pets, acceptable sizes of travel crate,Time to Travel, Route, Layovers & Weather conditions is most critical.
Tip – An experienced Pet Relocation Specialist will be most helpful as they will usually have the updated and most authentic information

A complete vet check 4 weeks before travel and have the Veterinarian Issue/Endorse the following documents :

  • Health and Fitness certificate
  • Microchip Certificate
  • Sterilisation certificate
  • Blood Sampling Certificate (If applicable)
  • Rabies Titer Certificate (If applicable)
  • Destination country specific health certificate (If applicable)

Take an appointment and meet the Government Veterinarian at the Ministry of Animal Quarantine & Certification Services, Government of India or equivalent Govt. body in the city of embarkation. After the Health check, they will issue a Health Certificate which is usually valid for 10 days

Tip – Get the certificates issued 4-5 days before travel before travel such that there is enough buffer on validity in case
of flight delays etc.
Tip – Use the help of an experienced Pet Relocation Company if you are short of time and need help in meeting these timelines.
Note Some countries require endorsement from their respective embassies in India

Some Recommended Pet Friendly Airlines :
Lufthansa Airlines, Air France, KLM, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, Malaysian Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Emirates,
British Airways, Ethopian Airlines, Qatar Airways, All Nippon airways Co. (ANA), Royal Jordanian, Qantas Airlines.