Pet Relocation Consultation

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Moving with pets across countries comes with its own set of challenges. What works for one pet to the same destination will not work for another. Websites are not always updated, and airline and country regulations are constantly changing. Therefore, understanding the

process in detail will go a long way in bringing down the anxiety for both you and your dog/cat and make for better travel.

Hence our Anvis Pet Relocation Specialist, Anand Vishwanath, who has been a pioneer for the last 10 years – Personally flying pets on behalf of their owners to over 50+ cities across 21 countries is offering this masterclass to share up to date information on the why’s and how’s of Pet Transport specific to your Pet Into or Out of India.

Post gathering this information, you can choose to work on the documentation & logistics on your own or even engage with an agent who can manage all this for you. Whichever way, you have a complete understanding on what’s happening and what to expect during the relocation.

The 90 minutes consultation session can be split into 2-3 sessions such that we can hand hold you and walk you through the process with multiple checkpoints – at the beginning, mid point and before date of travel.

We aim to cover the following in this session:

  1. Understanding your destination country regulations.
  2. What are the Tests and Preparation Time required specific to your destination?
  3. Understanding Airline regulations specific to your dog/cat.
  4. What’s the right size and brand of IATA specified crate for your Dog or Cat?
  5. How does your dog or cats’ size & breed impact travel? What are the workarounds?
  6. Understanding different types of flying options specific to your pet – Which is faster & safer?
  7. Checklist of Certificates and Documentation required.
  8. Process of getting the documentation corresponding to timelines.
  9. Check In at Origin, Transit & Check out at Destination – Process & Best Practices
  10. Post Travel – Best Practices.