Pet Industry Professionals

We are always on the lookout to connect with like minded professionals in the pet industry. Every pet move has its share of Veterinary requirements, Pet products and Pet Grooming. Many have requirements for pet boarding and some need behaviour assistance.

For Pet Parents moving to India for the first time, apart from the above, they are always on the lookout for additional services like Dog walkers, Pet Sitters, Pet friendly restaurants etc. Since we are the first point of contact and continue to be in contact through and after the journey, we are usually asked for recommendations.

So, if you are a Veterinary professional, Pet Store, Pet Boarding/Day Care centre, Pet Groomer, Canine/Feline Behaviourist, Dog Walker, Pet Sitter or any other professional in the Pet Industry with the right ethics and wiling to help our Flying furry friends make a seamless transition, please do email us on with a small note about the service you provide and we’ll connect with you.