Import Services

Import Services

If you are a Pet Parent and want to relocate to India with your Four Legged family member we would be happy to help you with any or all of the services as below.
Read here for regulations to import pets into India

Service Details

Crate & Accessories Procuring an IATA compliant crate and mandatory accessories like dishes for food, Water Dispenser and Tiecable
Pre-Flight Boarding inOrigin Country Boarding your Pet at Anvis Pet Centre or a similar setup before travel
International Air Freight Charges Accompanied Baggage charges or Freight Charges
Pet-Friendly Taxi Service (Vet Check) To take the Pet for a mandatory Government Vet Inspection before issuing of final certificates
Pet-Friendly Taxi Service (Residence to Airport) To pick up the Pet at residence and drop off at the Airport on the day of the travel.
Microchip Procurement & Insertion of ISO 11784/785 microchip
Origin services Exportation Processing, Documentation, Government endorsed Vet Inspection, export permits , Clearance & Handling as applicable
Rabies Titer Test Blood sample collection, dispatch to approved testing Lab and obtain approval clearance certificate.
Destination Services Documentation, Entry Port Processing, Import Permit, Declaration, Inspections, Duties/GST, Clearance & Handling as applicable.
Quarantine Boarding Some Destination countries have a Quarantine period for pets on arrival
Pet-Friendly Taxi Service (Airport to Residence) To pick up the Pet at Airport and drop off at the Residence on the day of arrival

We can work with you to make sure you meet compliance and are able to produce all the required documents as per regulation of Government of India. After vetting all the necessary documentation we can help you procuring the Import permit or the No Objection Certificate (NOC)
Somebody from our team will always be there at the airport (no matter what time your flight lands) to receive your pet and make sure everything goes smooth and you and your furry friend are out of the airport in quick time.

Since our expertise is flying with pets on behalf of their parents, we have a first hand experience and answers to all of your questions like

‘ We are currently able to assist in Bengaluru (Bangalore),Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi & Gurugram (Gurgaon).’