Premium Services

Anvis Pet Relocation are the pioneers in the concept of having a ‘Pet Relocation Specialist’ accompanying your pet from door to door as a value added service. A premium service for those who want nothing but the best for their furry friends!

In this service, there is least amount of stress involved for a Pet Parent as we become the guardians of your Dog, Cat or even Horse till they reach your new home in whichever part of the world, safe, sound, in good spirits and with an experienced Animal Handler in tow!

This may work well for highly anxious Pet parents who might inadvertently pass on their anxiousness to their beloved four legged kids adding on to the stress during travel.


Truth be told, we did not come up with this service on our own. In one of our pet moves many moons ago, a Pet was supposed to transported as ‘Manifest Cargo’. Closer to date of travel, the airline imposed an embargo on flying pets as ‘Manifest Cargo’ for a indecisive amount of time. The Pet Parent who had already moved out of India, requested us to fly with her dog as ‘Accompanied Baggage’ She reasoned that is what she would have done if she wasn't time pressed to meet her joining date in her new job. And so, we had to be really pushed out of our comfort zones to take this up as a first time experiment since it came with a whole lot of risks & challenges! Thankfully, everything went well and the pet was safely united with her ecstatic folks!

But that travel got us thinking. We clearly saw all the positives of a pet travelling with a person than as a “Manifest Cargo”. Even though the pets have to travel in the hold of the flight, there was a huge difference in the way they were handled, the stress on the dog was much lesser and the time saving was enormous!!We did a lot more research, spoke to a lot of colleagues across the globe to understand the process better, took up lots many travels with pets and kept tweaking our model till we hit a working formula. Today, almost 20 % of all our moves are through Premium Services.

We are very grateful to that Pet Parent to have literally pushed us into starting this service. We have since used this service to reunite senior pets, physically challenged pets, large size pets and in one instance a dog to the interiors of Africa with his over joyous parents! All of which would have been very strenuous & close to impossible otherwise!

- Anand Vishwanath, Founder and Pet Relocation Specialist, Anvis Pet Relocation