About Anvis Pet Relocation

Anvis Pet Relocation is an spin-off Anvis Inc. (Indias First Integrated Pet Management Company)

Anvis Inc. was established in 2010 with the aim of Simplifying Pet Care for the discerning Pet Parent. We started off by proving a lot of services including Dog Walking, Pet Events, Pet Boarding ,Pet Sitting, Foster homes, Canine Behaviour and of course Pet Transportation.

Over the last few years, Pet Relocation started taking precedence over the rest of services just by the sheer amount of time, effort & complexities & challenges involved.

Added to it, there were very few professional service providers with the expertise who were also willing to help the anxious and more often clueless but Committed Pet Parent. So we decided to take the plunge and run this as a full fledged, professionally managed company. And so Anvis Pet Relocation was born!

As professional Pet Relocation Specialists trying to disrupt the industry, we were required to set up everything from scratch. Right from understanding which airlines carries pets to the regulations of different countries to all the different tests needed for different countries to sourcing the best crates for each move while also helping the anxious pet parent absolved of all this!

The great golfer, Gary Player, famously quoted, The Harder you work, the Luckier you get, and boy, did we get lucky!!During the initial days of transportation, we were once literally forced by a Pet Parent to transport her pet as Accompanied baggage on her behalf. (Read the Full Story here)

Ever since we successfully completed that challenging Pet Relocation assignment, we got connected with so many super committed pet parents around the world (many of who have become great friends and well wishers) who trusted their beloved flurries in our care. We traveled the globe with these pets, reuniting them with their joyous, anxious, elated and often emotional parents.

On these travels we also met and got acquainted with some amazing pet transport professionals who were always there to help and advise us along the way. We literally lived in airports understanding the process and nitty-gritty of transporting pets. We spent long hours discussing Pet Transportation with Airport Personnel, Ground Staff, Flight Attendants, Pilots, Animal Health Officers, Veterinary Doctors, Animal Health Laboratories, Freight Forwarders and pretty much anybody and everybody who could give us an insiders perspective of the Pet Transportation Industry. Through some of these well wishers, we have had the good fortune of having seen and understood the functioning of some of the best Quarantine Facilities, Animal Hold areas in airports (transit areas) and Cargo areas across the world at close quarters.

Owing to the potential of this network, we have also been inducted as a member in good standing of the International Pet and Animal Transport Association (IPATA)

With lady luck firmly by our side, we became one of the first Pet Relocation companies in India to offer the option of a Premium Service as a value added service.

Today we are able to share this experience and mentally prepare Pet Parents with what to expect , many of who are travelling with their pets for the first time. This is something that has been well appreciated by all the Pet Parents. But, we believe this is just the beginning. There is still so much more to learn and so many finer nuances to master.

"The woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep..."

- Robert Frost

About the Founder


Founder and Pet Relocation Specialist

Anand Vishwanath is the Founder of both Anvis Inc. and Anvis Pet Relocation. He is a Telecom Engineer turned HR professional turned Canine Behaviourist (Certified by the highly acclaimed ‘Northern Centre For Canine Behaviour’, UK )

Anand had spent over 11+ years in corporate, where he successfully built and managed large teams, created and implemented processes in Recruitment, Operations and Sales. The strong desire to convert his rich corporate experience to benefit Pet Owners and fuel his passion for animals prompted him to start Anvis Inc. and Anvis Pet Relocation.

Today as a Pet Relocation Specialist, he has traveled to over 30 cities across 10 odd countries spanning 5 continents transporting pets on behalf of the Pet Parents. A usually calm and composed person, Anand had taken it upon himself to make Pet Transportation a service that should be accessible to every Pet Parent who wants to keep their family united. He drives home a very strong point when he says “No Pet should ever be abandoned because the Pet Parent has to move to another country. All Pets will gladly trail their parents to any part of the globe, If only the Parents are as committed to their fur kids as most parents are towards their skin kids”

Our tag line ‘Committed Pet Parents, Gratified Trailing Pets’ exactly shares this sentiment.


When Anand is not in a plane or an airport ( running around frantically looking for a charging point) on a Pet Relocation assignment, he can be found at our Pet Centre hanging with the pack, working, playing or just pampering them silly!!